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Chaise de Jardin

Design Intention

The goal of this product was to augment the existing courtyard benches (without the need for modification) in order to create a more welcoming environment and provide a visual focal point through beauty and sculpture.

The Chaise de Jardin fits over the existing bench and is reversible to that it's possible to adjust the seating direction in response to seasonal changes.

Chaise de Jardin is manufactured using revolutionary, large-scale 3D printing technology. This method is quite unlike conventional furniture moulding and the organic, tubular form is an expression of this. A major advantage afforded by 3D printing the chaise rather than moulding is the high degree of customisation around the final form, making it easily adaptable to benches of differing dimensions.

The plastic used to manufacture the product is sourced from discarded milk bottle caps. Furthermore, the additive manufacturing process virtually eliminates waste. Environmental concerns are considered all the way to the product's potential end of life, at which point the material is 100% reconfigurable into another form.