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Verdelite Timer

Design Intention

Addressing the role of design with regard to longevity, this project sought to take a common domestic product (the kitchen timer) and imbue it with real value so that it would no longer be considered disposable.

An evaluation of existing timer products revealed that low cost and function were the only inputs to design. This has produced an array of unappealing timers that often cost less than the batteries that power them, and squawk unpleasant sounds to alert you!

The Verdelite timer with its sculptural form is designed to be a beautiful and timeless (see what I did there?) focal point in a modern kitchen. It aims to give a mundane activity a real sense of occasion through its tactility and mesmerising movement. Furthermore, it does not require batteries, instead relying upon gravity and a magnetic mechanism to produce a pleasing and genuine ring.

A working prototype of the Verdelite timer.

A working prototype was produced.

Development Story

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User engagement is key ...
... as is a sense of occasion.
Operating the timer is physical and tactile.
Initial ideas regarding the mechanism.
The resolved design of the magnetic mechanism.
Final product renders.